Flow Studios is a Dutch gaming company, created by Kevin Matthew de Ligt and Rowan Tijsterman. It is most famous for creating Cat Fights.

Work Edit

Games Edit

"Always look forward"
―Flow Studios[src]

This is one of our motto’s for the development of games. By always looking ahead we can figure out where we will go to. Games are essential for the development of a human being, It brings incentive into collaborations, planning and it brings fun to your house.

Applications Edit

"We’ve grown from guessing what to do to creating what a client really needs."
―Flow Studios[src]

We’re here to recreate your visions in apps. Our team is devoted, experienced & has the knowledge to create and deliver awesome apps. From basic 2D apps for iOS or Android, a fully 3D app with gyroscope, learning curve and beautiful graphics are a possibility.

Ideas and concepts Edit

"We have passion for fundamental ideas, by Honing in we can really explore anything"
―Flow Studios[src]

One of our strong suits is the ability to come up with great concepts, solution & innovative ideas. Brainstorm sessions with clients and other developers are the most inspiring. Also we use our secret weapon (the “Flow”) to chase a fundamental core idea and inspire those around you to use that “Flow” to achieve fast, creative and sometimes even ground shaking concepts.

Outsourcing Edit

In the heat of battle some very special assets can be forgotten, As Flow we are the missing link. By helping other companies with their awesome projects to clean up and polish.

We offer a range of three specialisations :

  • 2D art ( Concept, Design & Rendering )
  • 3D art ( Low poly, High Poly, Renders, Design )
  • Programming ( Algorithms, Game Elements, Multiplayer Connections )

These three specialisations can be used for short and long projects. We are very versatile in swapping projects and styles, we do have our own style if one is needed for your project.

Manifesto Edit

Aspiring to be a user experience driven studio, we really love to influence people while playing our games and using our apps. “It’s never easy to find out what the user wants until you deliver it to them and you see their faces.” We started out as two students who had a vision to be more then just artists and developers and in 2011 it all became reality. Being established in Utrecht-The Netherlands and surrounded by inspiring studios we really notice that we are growing into one of the leading visual game and app development companies of the Netherlands. Want to find out what the crew members think of Flow Studios, click here .

The Manifesto Edit

  • User experience is key to succes
  • Dedication to the Flow and the Team
  • Sense of progression
  • Challenge yourself and your friends
  • Be humble and fair

We’ve seen the reactions from our users to our games and apps and really focus to evolve those smiles, to see the devotion that some of them have towards reaching new highscores or setting a better time in a level really pushes us to evolve as well. We really thank all of the users for their fealty and dedication which offer us a new chance to make new awesome games and apps.

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