Basic controls Edit

Name Movement Action Image
Attack Swipe forwards The cat will attack the opponent Forward
Uppercut attack Swipe diagonal upwards Your cat will do an uppercut attack Diagonalup
Knockdown attack Swipe diagonal downwards (when in the air) Your cat will do a knock-down attack Diagonaldown
Jump Swipe upwards Your cat will jump up in the air Up
Defense Swipe downwards Your cat will do a defensive action based on its class Down
Step down Swipe backwards Your cat will take a step backwards Back

Combo attacksEdit

When your cat is on the ground:

forward 3x = attack combo – attack, bigger attack, uppercut

When your cat is in the air:

forward 3x = attack combo – attack, bigger attack, knock down

If your damage bar is beyond 50% you can do a finishing combo move.

Class dependent defensive actionEdit

All three classes have their own class specific defensive action.

Heavy = Will block an incoming attack.
Light = Will counter an incoming attack, dealing a small amount of damage.
Projectile = Will dodge an attack by leaping backwards.

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